Where to Train

My vision is to have a network of first responder-friendly BJJ schools across the globe. If you are an instructor or owner of a school and you would like to be involved, please contact us.


911 BJJ Supporter Schools:

OpenMat MMA Toronto, ON


Tips on how to find a good BJJ school:

  • Class schedule. Finding times to go to class is difficult for us shift-workers. Generally the more class options, the easier it becomes.
  • Self-defence instruction. The original Gracie jiu-jitsu was based on self-defence. Since then, BJJ has turned into a sport, and many techniques have been developed that are sport-specific and not applicable to the real world. As first responders, we need real-world applications so it’s important to go to a school that teaches more self-defence-focused techniques, rather than flashy sport-only BJJ techniques.
  • Vibe. Does the vibe fit your personality and your goals?
  • Safety. Before starting at OpenMat, I tried another BJJ school, but found their classes very dangerous. They focused on aggressive sparring, even from the white-belt level, and in one class myself and two other students were injured. Intense sparring is an important component of training, but should not be encouraged in your first week on the mats.