Below is some recommended reading. I hope that you find at least one of these resources helpful to you. If you wish to purchase the book and support us with a small percentage of your purchase, use the “View on Amazon (and support us)” links, or the “View on Amazon” links if you prefer not to.



Resilience: Hard-Won Wisdom for Living a Better Life

Former Navy SEAL Greitens offers philosophical advice to his friend suffering from PTSD. I constantly refer to this book, and I read highlighted passages when I’m struggling.

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The Obstacle is the Way

Stoic wisdom for handling difficult situations.

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Tribe by Sebastian Junger

Why soldiers miss the strong bonds they form in combat. Explores the human need for a tribe of like-minded individuals shedding blood, sweat and tears together. A must-read for warriors, actual or proverbial.

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The Way of the SEAL by Mark Divine

How to be an effective person and leader. How to figure out your purpose, how to start your days off on the right foot, how to set goals, how to use breathing exercises, meditation and visualization to make yourself more effective.

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On Combat by Lt. Col. David Grossman

A must-read especially for military folks and police officers. Dealing with stress, PTSD, use of force situations, etc.

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The Art of Peace

A small, pocket guide full of wisdom by the founder of Aikido, but very applicable to Jiu Jitsu and in line with the way of a modern, peaceful martial artist. Featured in The Walking Dead.

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